Japan Electronic Certification


Manufacturers of Specified Electrical Appliances and Materials (Category A) and Non-Specified Electrical Appliances and Materials (Category B) may have their products certified by TUV SUD under the PSE Mark Certification Scheme.

Safety and EMC characteristics of products are evaluated to ascertain compliance to technical requirements under the Scheme. An evaluation of a manufacturer’s factory facility is also performed if the product is a Category A electrical appliance.

PSE Diamond Mark

The PSE Diamond Mark is the mandatory marking for Category A Products which are also referred to as Specified Products.


Manufacturers of these products are required to go through a Conformity Assessment to gain a Statement of Conformity which is an essential part of the whole PSE registration process. During this process the manufacturer must conduct product testing and a factory audit through a METI designated CAB (Conformity Assessment Body).

PSE Circle Mark

The PSE Circle Mark is the mandatory marking for Category B products, also called Non-specified Products.


The manufacturer tests the product according to the applicable standards of DENAN and then use a Self-Declaration process to declare product conformity.

Which Products need a PSE Certificate?

457 product categories have been designated pursuant to the DENAN act. The products are divided into two groups.

Category A – Specified Products:

Single-phase Small Power Transformers and Discharge Lamp Ballasts

Heating Appliances

Motor-Operated Appliances

Electronic Appliances

Other AC-Operated Appliances


Category B – Non-Specified Products:

Most household electrical products like

Rice Cookers

Curling Irons

Television Receiver


What’s is PSE Certificate Process?

1.Send product detail information to identify the applicable directive(s).

2.Send samples and technology documents processed testing.

3.Factory Audit(if required)

3.After pass the testing and factory audit(if required) issue PSE test report and certificate.

How Does the PSE Certification Process Work?

The DENAN act defines the certification process of the PSE Diamond Mark. Following please find an overview of the most important steps of PSE certification. More detailed information you can find here. (Link to certification process)

The product tests as well as the certification process itself are carried out by METI designated CABs.

The process of PSE certification according to the Japanese DENAN act can be challenging and complex. Efficient communication with the Japanese authorities as well as the accurate preparation of all relevant documents and test samples are essential for the successful application and implementation of the PSE certification and marking.

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